My First Library: A Boxset for Toddlers


The My First Library: Boxset of 10 Board Books for Kids by Wonder House Books is an excellent collection for early learning and language development in toddlers. With its compact size and engaging content, this boxset offers a great way to introduce young children to the world of books and words.

When I first received the My First Library boxset, I was initially taken aback by the small size of the books. However, I soon realized that this was actually a perfect fit for my toddler’s little hands. Each page features a single item, which is ideal for young learners who are just starting to build their vocabulary. I appreciated the thoughtful organization of the books in a sturdy box, making it easy to keep everything neat and accessible.

The colorful illustrations in these board books grabbed my child’s attention from the very beginning. I noticed that my little one quickly started recognizing objects and making connections between the pictures and the real world. It was heartwarming to witness their excitement as they repeated the words and showed enthusiasm for learning. The hard cardboard pages of the books proved to be durable, withstanding my child’s eager exploration and play.

Small Board Books for Toddlers

These little books were a great tool for my daughter when she was learning how to talk. The set includes 10 different books that come in a convenient box for easy organization. At first, I was a little disappointed with how small they were, but I quickly realized that their size was perfect for toddler hands. Each page features one item, which is ideal for young children who are just starting to learn words and identify objects. These books were a great addition to our collection and helped my daughter in her language development.

Great for Learning

I purchased this boxset as a birthday gift for my nephew, and it has been a hit. I wanted to encourage his early reading skills and brain development, and these books have been effective in doing so. He is learning quickly and gets excited as he repeats the words we say. The affordability of this pack compared to retail stores is a bonus. I am grateful that I found it on Amazon, as it saves me the hassle of searching through stores for kid-friendly books. My nephew absolutely loves it, and seeing his happiness as he learns brings me joy.

My Kid’s Favorite Books

These books quickly became my child’s favorites at around 8 months old when he started learning words for different objects. He would bring us the food books and point to the pages of food he wanted to eat. We loved them so much that we had to get a second set because he wore out the first one. Now, at 16 months, he still adores these books and they have become a staple in our daily reading routine. This set is perfect for introducing early literacy skills and sparking a love for reading.

Perfect for Literacy Skills

My one-year-old has been obsessed with these books. She asks me to read them every night, and during the day, I often catch her flipping through the pages on her own. I appreciate how sturdy the books are, allowing her to properly hold them and turn the pages without worrying about damage. These books have been instrumental in developing her literacy skills and fostering a love for reading at a young age.

Great Books

These books are great, although I wish they were a bit bigger in size. The pictures are big enough to catch the kids’ attention, and the words and objects depicted are things they will encounter in everyday life. Overall, they are definitely worth it, and I highly recommend them for early learning.

So Cute, Great Starter Books

These mini books are absolutely adorable, and my 18-month-old loves them! The quality and content are excellent, and even though they are small and compact, they pack a lot of educational value. I believe they are a must-buy gift for any child. I gifted them to a one-year-old, and he has already learned so much from this cute little library. I am very satisfied with this purchase.


  • Great for early language development: The small board books are perfect for toddlers who are learning to talk. Each book focuses on one item per page, making it easier for them to understand and learn.
  • Compact and organized: The set comes with a little box to keep the books organized. This is especially helpful for parents who want to keep their child’s books in one place.
  • Affordable: Compared to retail stores, this boxset of 10 board books is an affordable option for parents looking to build their child’s library.


  • Size: Some users may find the books to be small. However, this can actually be an advantage as they are perfectly sized for toddler hands.
  • Limited content per book: Each book focuses on one item per page, which may not be enough for some parents who prefer books with more variety and content.
  • Potential for damage: There have been instances where the box was damaged during shipping. However, the books themselves were in good shape.


    In conclusion, the My First Library: Boxset of 10 Board Books for Kids is a fantastic investment for parents looking to foster early literacy skills in their toddlers. The compact size, engaging illustrations, and sturdy construction make these books a valuable addition to any child’s library. I highly recommend this boxset as a great tool for language development and a source of endless joy for young learners.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Are these books suitable for very young children?

    Answer: Yes, these books are specifically designed for toddlers who are learning to talk and recognize objects. They have simple illustrations and focus on one item per page.

    Question: Are the books durable?

    Answer: Yes, the books are made of hard cardboard, making them sturdy and durable for little hands.

    Question: Can these books help with early literacy skills?

    Answer: Yes, these books are a great tool for developing early literacy skills. They encourage children to engage with books, hold them properly, and turn the pages.

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