Dive into Knockemout Series: Book 2 Review


I recently had the pleasure of diving into the second book in the Knockemout series, and it did not disappoint. The storyline, characters, and sense of community in this book truly stood out to me.

As I delved into the pages of this book, I found myself engrossed in the complex relationship dynamics between Nash and Lina. The way the author, Lucy Score, delved into their individual traumas and growth throughout the story was compelling. Despite their flaws and insecurities, seeing them navigate their relationship was both heartwarming and relatable. The town of Knockemout and its vibrant community added depth and charm to the narrative, making me feel like a part of their world.

Character Development and Emotional Depth

Lucy Score excels in creating well-developed characters with emotional depth in “Things We Hide” series. The journey of Nash and Lina is a testament to the complexity and growth that can be portrayed through relationships. Nash’s struggle to heal from his wounds and Lina’s battle with her own trauma create a rich tapestry of emotions that draw readers in. The author’s attention to detail in portraying the characters’ internal struggles and development adds layers of authenticity to the story.

Relationship Dynamics and Tension

The dynamic between Nash and Lina in “Things We Hide” is filled with tension and chemistry that leaps off the pages. The push-and-pull of their relationship, coupled with their individual fears and insecurities, creates a captivating narrative that keeps readers engaged. Lucy Score skillfully navigates the complexities of adult relationships, allowing room for growth and healing amidst the challenges faced by the characters. The evolving dynamics between Nash and Lina showcase a blend of respect, friendship, and passion that adds depth to their connection.

Community and Secondary Characters

Beyond the central romance, the town of Knockemout and its vibrant community play a vital role in “Things We Hide.” Lucy Score’s world-building extends to creating a supportive and engaging backdrop that enriches the main storyline. The secondary characters, from the Knockemout PD to the residents who frequent local businesses, contribute to the warmth and charm of the setting. The relationships and interactions among the characters showcase themes of love, hope, and friendship, painting a picture of a tight-knit community that readers will find endearing.

Storytelling and Pacing

Lucy Score’s storytelling prowess shines in “Things We Hide” through her deliberate pacing and intricate plot development. While the book may be lengthy, the author’s focus on character development and emotional arcs justifies the narrative’s length. The gradual unfolding of Nash and Lina’s relationship, coupled with the depth of their personal journeys, creates a compelling read that immerses readers in the story. The engaging storytelling keeps the audience invested in the characters’ growth and the overarching narrative of love, healing, and self-discovery.

Themes of Healing and Resilience

Central themes of healing and resilience resonate throughout “Things We Hide,” underscoring the characters’ journeys towards overcoming past traumas and finding strength in vulnerability. Nash and Lina’s individual struggles mirror real-world complexities, adding a layer of relatability to the narrative. Lucy Score deftly weaves these themes into the fabric of the story, showcasing the power of love and connection in fostering healing and personal growth. The characters’ resilience in the face of challenges serves as a poignant reminder of the human capacity for transformation and self-discovery.

Romantic Development and Chemistry

The romantic development between Nash and Lina in “Things We Hide” is marked by a poignant blend of chemistry, vulnerability, and mutual respect. The slow-burning nature of their relationship allows for a gradual exploration of their emotional connection, deepening the intensity of their bond. Lucy Score crafts intimate moments between the characters that highlight their emotional depth and shared experiences, creating a sense of intimacy that resonates with readers. The palpable chemistry between Nash and Lina adds a layer of authenticity to their evolving romance, making their journey towards love both captivating and heartfelt.


        In conclusion, the second book in the Knockemout series was a delightful read that kept me hooked from start to finish. The character development, emotional depth, and engaging storyline made it a standout addition to the series. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a blend of romance, humor, and a strong sense of camaraderie within a small-town setting. I can’t wait to continue the journey with the third book in the series.

        Questions & Answers:

        Question: What sets the character development in “Things We Hide from the Light” apart from other romance novels?

        Answer: The author, Lucy Score, delves deep into the characters’ past traumas and insecurities, allowing for a more nuanced and realistic portrayal of their growth and healing throughout the story.

        Question: How does the small town setting of Knockemout enhance the overall reading experience?

        Answer: The tight-knit community and supporting characters in Knockemout add a layer of depth to the story, creating a rich and immersive world that readers can easily get lost in.

        Question: Are there any drawbacks to the writing style of the author that readers should be aware of before diving into the book?

        Answer: Some readers may find Lucy Score’s writing style to be long-winded, which could impact the pacing of the story and may not be suitable for those who prefer a faster narrative flow.

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