Fun Bluey Coloring Book for Young Fans


The Bluey Coloring Book is a delightful activity book for children featuring popular characters from the Bluey TV series. With 64 pages of fun illustrations to color, this book is sure to keep your little ones engaged and entertained.

I recently purchased the Bluey Coloring Book for my 2.5-year-old daughter, who is a big fan of the show. The book is filled with a variety of graphics from the series, and my daughter absolutely loves coloring in the pages. It has become a favorite pastime for us to sit together and explore the different designs while bonding over our shared love for Bluey.

Overview of Bluey: Big Backyard

Bluey: Big Backyard is a vibrant and engaging coloring book based on the popular TV show Bluey. With 64 pages of black-and-white illustrations featuring beloved characters and scenes from the show, this coloring book offers endless creative possibilities for kids. Whether your child is a fan of Bluey or looking for a fun and entertaining activity, this coloring book is sure to captivate their imagination and provide hours of coloring enjoyment.

Features and Content

The Bluey: Big Backyard coloring book is filled with a variety of graphics and designs inspired by the Bluey series, making it a delightful choice for young fans of the show. Each page offers a new opportunity for children to explore their creativity and bring their favorite characters to life with colors. The engaging imagery and familiar scenes from Bluey make this coloring book a perfect way for kids to express themselves artistically while enjoying the world of their favorite TV show.

Personal Experience and Recommendation

As a parent of a Bluey fan, I can attest to the excitement and joy that the Bluey: Big Backyard coloring book brings to young children. My daughter, who adores Bluey, was thrilled with this coloring book and spent hours immersed in coloring and creating her own masterpieces. The quality of the book and the detailed illustrations impressed both me and my daughter, making it a highly recommended choice for families looking for a fun and interactive coloring activity. If you’re seeking a creative and entertaining way to engage your child, the Bluey: Big Backyard coloring book is a fantastic option that is sure to spark their imagination and artistic flair.


  • The Bluey: Big Backyard coloring book features 64 pages filled with popular images and characters from the Bluey TV show, making it engaging for children who love the series.
  • This coloring book allows children to unleash their creativity by coming up with their own designs and colors, providing a fun and imaginative outlet for self-expression.
  • The high-quality content and detailed illustrations in the Bluey coloring book make it a perfect Christmas gift or surprise for kids who enjoy coloring and the Bluey cartoon.


  • Some customers may find that the book is limited to Bluey-themed content, which may not appeal to children who are not familiar with the TV show.
  • The book may not offer a wide variety of coloring themes beyond Bluey characters, potentially limiting the creative options for children who prefer more diverse coloring subjects.
  • While the book is well-received by fans of the Bluey series, it may not cater to older children or adults who are looking for more intricate or challenging coloring designs.


    In conclusion, the Bluey Coloring Book is a fantastic choice for young fans of the Bluey series. The book offers a wide range of engaging illustrations that capture the essence of the show, making it a perfect activity for children to unleash their creativity. I highly recommend this coloring book for any young Bluey enthusiasts looking for a fun and entertaining way to express themselves through art.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: What age group is the Bluey: Big Backyard coloring book suitable for?

    Answer: The Bluey coloring book is ideal for children who are fans of the Bluey TV show and enjoy coloring activities, typically ranging from preschool age to early elementary school.

    Question: Is the Bluey coloring book only focused on Bluey characters, or does it offer a variety of designs?

    Answer: The coloring book primarily features images and characters from the Bluey series, providing a consistent theme throughout the pages, which may be a limitation for those seeking diverse coloring options.

    Question: Are the illustrations in the Bluey coloring book detailed and of good quality?

    Answer: Yes, customers have praised the Bluey coloring book for its high-quality content and detailed illustrations, making it a favorite among children who appreciate the cartoon’s art style and imagery.

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