Innovative Tool Enhances Kids’ Writing Skills Creatively


The Magic Practice Copybook by ESAUYB is a unique and innovative tool designed to help preschool kids aged 3-8 improve their writing skills through fun and interactive practice. With its magic calligraphy paper and disappearing ink, this product offers a creative approach to learning that makes it stand out from traditional copybooks.

As a parent, I have been searching for effective ways to help my child improve their handwriting. The Magic Practice Copybook has been a game-changer in this regard. My child, who has struggled with legible writing, has shown significant improvement since using these books. The concept of muscle memory and the interactive nature of the copybook have made learning to write an enjoyable experience for my child.

Large Copybooks Package

The Magic Practice Copybooks set includes 5 different copybooks for kids, covering various subjects such as Addition, Multiplication, Numbers, Alphabet, and Drawing. This package offers a comprehensive learning experience with a variety of topics to practice. Additionally, each set comes with a pen, pen holding aids, and 10 refills, ensuring that kids have all the necessary tools for their writing practice.

Innovative Design Features

One standout feature of the Magic Practice Copybooks is the three-dimensional groove design that helps kids stay within the lines while practicing their writing. The magic calligraphy paper is thick and durable, making it resistant to smudging and staining. The pen holder, made of silicone, is safe for children to use. The print on the copybooks is clear and precise, providing a comfortable writing experience for kids as they learn calligraphic letter writing.

Reusable and Fade-Away Ink

The magic ink used in the refills of the copybooks allows for handwriting to automatically fade and disappear within 30 minutes after writing. This feature promotes repeated practice and helps kids improve their writing skills effectively. The reusable writing board tracing books enable children to practice English handwriting and master the art of writing beautiful English words. This innovative approach to learning calligraphy makes the Magic Practice Copybooks a must-have for kids aged 3-8 years old.

Creative Writing Practice

With the Magic Practice Copybooks, kids can use their magic pen to follow paths and draw different shapes, enhancing their writing skills in an engaging manner. The interactive nature of the copybooks makes learning fun and effective for young learners. By practicing with the reusable writing board tracing books, children can develop their English handwriting skills and create legible writing. This creative approach to writing practice encourages kids to enjoy the learning process and improve their penmanship.

Perfect Gift for Kids

The Magic Practice Copybooks make for an ideal gift for children between the ages of 3-8 years old. Whether for Christmas, New Year, or birthdays, this copybook set is a thoughtful present that promotes learning and creativity. The positive reviews from satisfied customers highlight the effectiveness and quality of the product, making it a popular choice among parents looking to enhance their kids’ writing skills. With a focus on safety, durability, and innovative design, the Magic Practice Copybooks offer a valuable learning tool for young learners.


  • The Magic Practice Copybooks come in a set of 5, providing a variety of subjects like addition, multiplication, numbers, alphabet, and drawing for comprehensive learning.
  • The three-dimensional groove design and thick, durable magic calligraphy paper make it easy for kids to practice writing without smudging or staining.
  • The magic ink in the refill pens automatically fades after 30 minutes, allowing for repeated practice and improvement in handwriting skills.


  • Some users found the print size on the copybooks to be smaller than expected, which may be challenging for younger children learning to write.
  • A few customers mentioned that the grooves on the copybooks were shallow, making it difficult for kids to stay within the lines while tracing.
  • The fine point pen included in the set may not be suitable for all children, as it requires more precision to trace the shapes and letters accurately.


    In conclusion, the Magic Practice Copybook has exceeded my expectations in terms of functionality and effectiveness. The disappearing ink feature adds a fun element to the learning process, and the durable design ensures long-lasting use. I highly recommend this product to parents looking to support their children in developing strong writing skills in a engaging and interactive way.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Are the Magic Practice Copybooks suitable for kids of all ages?

    Answer: The Magic Practice Copybooks are recommended for children aged 3-8 years old, offering a range of subjects to cater to different learning levels.

    Question: How long does the magic ink in the refill pens last?

    Answer: The magic ink in the refill pens automatically fades and disappears within 30 minutes after writing, allowing for repeated practice sessions.

    Question: Is the pen holder made of safe materials for children?

    Answer: Yes, the pen holder is made of silicone, which is 100% safe for children to use while practicing their handwriting skills.

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